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Hey Equinox thinkers…think efficiency first

The 2-page centre-spread article in last Thursday’s Globe & Mail  is another example of how energy efficiency just does not get the credence, respect and profile it deserves.  University of Waterloo’s Institute for Sustainable Energy just released the Equinox … Continue reading

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Good or bad: telling the EV story

It’s been a great week for electric vehicles in the news. My inbox has been filled to the brim with announcements, stories and celebrations. There was this great piece in the Toronto Star about The Agenda’s Steve Paikin loving his … Continue reading

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Ontario invests in EV infrastructure…and early adopters

Today, the Ontario government announced an $80 million investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This, in addition to the provincial incentive program for the purchase of EVs as well as Ontario’s own commitment to green its fleet of vehicles, demonstrates … Continue reading

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What’s the next innovation for EVs?

While we’re at the beginning of the electric vehicle revolution, there’s already a great deal of activity planning the next phase of innovations to support EVs and their drivers. From commercial developers to academic researchers to backyard enthusiasts, many great … Continue reading

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EVs + car sharing = sustainable transportation

There’s an incredible amount of buzz these days about electric vehicles – and rightly so – but, from a climate change and air quality standpoint, EVs are only one piece of the puzzle. If we’re to really have an impact … Continue reading

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