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The Many Different Flavours of Carbon Pricing

Consultations regarding the Province of Ontario’s proposed climate strategy are underway, including two public meetings held at the downtown Toronto YMCA last week. If the public response at these meetings is any indication, there are a lot of different opinions on the … Continue reading

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Ontario’s 45-Day Climate Consultation Count-Down

The time has come to show vigorous public support for climate action in Ontario. On February 12, 2015, the Ontario government launched a climate policy discussion paper and a 45-day public consultation  to stimulate discussion on addressing climate change and unlocking … Continue reading

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TAF’s Secret Weapon

It was a pleasure to see many of our colleagues and friends at TAF’s Volunteer Appreciation event last night, giving us a chance to formally acknowledge the invaluable contributions our volunteers make to TAF’s mandate. The sky-high embrace of KPMG’s … Continue reading

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Tanking oil price doesn’t affect retrofit business case

  The plunging price of oil is making headlines around the world. Does this mean the business case for energy efficiency retrofits will also melt down? Because people tend to equate oil and energy, there seems to be an assumption … Continue reading

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Sharing TAF’s financing techniques with C40 Cities

C40 Cities – Toronto being one – are big cities from around the world that are actively reducing climate pollution and risks.  C40 offers these motivated cities a forum for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving.  I was recently invited to present … Continue reading

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