Sharing TAF’s financing techniques with C40 Cities

C40 Cic40 citiesties – Toronto being one – are big cities from around the world that are actively reducing climate pollution and risks.  C40 offers these motivated cities a forum for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving.  I was recently invited to present to the C40 Finance & Economic Development Network to let them know about the finance innovation work being undertaken at TAF. This was one in a series of webinars focused on municipal funds including funds in Amsterdam, Melbourne, London, and Chicago.  Toronto Atmospheric Fund, established in 1991, is probably the oldest municipal climate funds; we were endowed before climate change made daily headlines. And, unlike most others, TAF undertakes practical programs, advances policies, and develops innovative financing tools as well as making investments. Check out what they’re saying about TAF’s approaches to financing low-carbon solutions on the recent C40 City Solutions blog featured on the National Geographic website.

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