Hey Equinox thinkers…think efficiency first

The 2-page centre-spread article in last Thursday’s Globe & Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/plotting-a-road-map-for-a-low-carbon-future/article2341616/page1  is another example of how energy efficiency just does not get the credence, respect and profile it deserves. 

University of Waterloo’s Institute for Sustainable Energy just released the Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030, with recommendations for how to meet the world’s energy demand in a sustainable, de-carbonized manner.  Their press release highlights, in this order:  

- energy storage

- “enhanced” and “advanced” geothermal and nuclear

- off-grid solar electricity and “self-sustaining” micro-grids

- smart cities

-  electric transport

The article dedicates 99% of the coverage to the flashy electricity generation ideas.  The 3rd last sentence says “Finally, the Equinox thinkers want to see cities re-engineered for better energy efficiency.” 

Poor Cinderella.  Energy efficiency is hard-working, offers the biggest, fastest and cheapest way to a sustainable energy future, and can help pay for some of the more expensive supply-side options.  Would be nice to see an article that starts with: First and foremost, the thinkers want to see super-energy efficient buildings, factories and transportation systems, so that renewable sources of energy can meet the demand.   



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