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EVs – not right for everyone, but right for many fleets

There’s an interesting contrast in coverage of electric vehicles in the Star and the Globe (New Chevy Spark signals GM’s electric push) this week.  The Globe (via Bloomberg News) reports how automakers are betting big time on a move into … Continue reading

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What do Rick Mercer, Mike Holmes and David Suzuki have in common?

The are supporting greater use of solar power.  Recently, the trio hooked up (on a roof no less) to talk about why solar is where it is at and to showcase the unique approach of Pure Energies, a company that … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency makes sense

When you consider how much it costs to extract, generate, transmit, measure, regulate and bill for energy, it makes sense to use energy as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, we in Toronto are wasting a lot of energy – and producing … Continue reading

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