What do Rick Mercer, Mike Holmes and David Suzuki have in common?

The are supporting greater use of solar power.  Recently, the trio hooked up (on a roof no less) to talk about why solar is where it is at and to showcase the unique approach of Pure Energies, a company that TAF has helped to introduce an innovative consumer solar service model.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmI2BjOO9gg]

Ontario’s microFIT program offers homeowners a guaranteed payment for 20 years for the energy produced by their solar system (

The leasing model is working well with over 50 systems installed and another 2,000 in various stages in the installation process. Other companies have taken advantage of the model and, along with Pure Energies, are helping reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating the adoption of clean energy.

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