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Green bonds can raise capital for transit and energy efficiency

A plan to float a “green bond” to finance transit and potentially other investments in sustainability was presented yesterday by the Ontario government.  Nothing new about bonds – they are a tried & true way for governments to raise cheap … Continue reading

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The Next Evolution of Sustainable Transportation

The World Solar Challenge is a biannual competition that tests the limits of sustainable transportation. It’s a multi-day, 3,000 km race between 42 teams from across the world. I recently joined the University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing team … Continue reading

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Telling the truth on transit

The recently convened Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel, under the leadership of Anne Golden and Paul Bedford, made its first public statement on Monday. The group lays out six contentious points in the ongoing debate about how to fund The … Continue reading

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New nukes canned: biggest impediment to Ontario electricity conservation off the table

The Ontario government’s recent announcement that new nuclear reactors will not be part of Ontario’s long-term electricity plan is good news for health, the environment, and the economy. We don’t need to spend over $26 billion (plus inevitable cost over-runs) … Continue reading

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Measuring the sun

Guest post by Joel Arthurs, Energy Management Analyst, City of Toronto You may know that the City of Toronto is home to several solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, some of them receiving financial benefit from the Province of Ontario’s feed-in-tariff  program. … Continue reading

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