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Taking our measure

 As an agency dedicated to combating climate change, we’re a bit obsessed with quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions from projects that we are involved in or that are on our radar.  This kind of number crunching may not be … Continue reading

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We’re getting ready to celebrate

  Going through some old files in our rather dark and forbidding basement, one of our staff members recently came across a letter from Enwave District Heating remaking on the importance of TAF’s support for the concept of deep lake … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency makes sense

When you consider how much it costs to extract, generate, transmit, measure, regulate and bill for energy, it makes sense to use energy as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, we in Toronto are wasting a lot of energy – and producing … Continue reading

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The rEVolution has begun

Recently, Nissan was the first of the major automakers to announce a Canadian sticker price for a fully electric vehicle. The cost to cruise silently through your neighbourhood in a zero-emission Nissan LEAF will be $38,395 before provincial rebates that … Continue reading

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