The rEVolution has begun

Recently, Nissan was the first of the major automakers to announce a Canadian sticker price for a fully electric vehicle. The cost to cruise silently through your neighbourhood in a zero-emission Nissan LEAF will be $38,395 before provincial rebates that will knock $8500 off the price.

Now that may sound a bit pricey, but we used our FleetWise EValuation Calculator to compare the purchase of a LEAF and a $20,000 sub compact. The result were annual savings that lead to a 4.2 year payback for the LEAF thanks to much, much lower fuel costs (electricity) and lower maintenance costs (no oil changes or spark plugs). Not bad for a vehicle with an eight-year warranty on the battery at a time when we are seeing rapdily rising gas costs…

The LEAF has been earning good test drive reviews, so you also won’t be sacrificing any performance in going electric. You could be seeing LEAFs on Toronto streets as early as this summer as Nissan is working with a number of our FleetWise EV300 partners to arrange early vehicle deliveries.

The rEVolution has begun…

Ben Marans

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