TAF looking for great ideas to clear the air

TAF funding has helped to seed many great energy saving ideas in Toronto — from deep lake water cooling to home energy audits — and we’re looking for the next great ideas for our spring funding round (deadline April 15th).

We’re particularly interested in ideas that can help reduce natural gas use for space & water heating and transportation-related emissions. These two areas have been identified as the largest — and in the case of transportation, fastest — growing sources of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in our city.  Ideas that include a creative approach to overcoming financial or social barriers to reducing energy waste are particularly welcome.

Give us a call with your best thoughts and work with one of Canada’s most innovative funders.

For more information, visit www.toronto.ca/taf/grants.html.

Ben Marans

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  1. Gregory Winokur says:

    Why is earth energy based space heating and cooling not being given due attention? Ground source coupled heat pumps are the most efficient equipment that can be used for space heating and cooling. Projects could be financed by green ESCOs.


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