Childproof Your Windows in Toronto

A child always holds a special place in a parent’s heart. When a child steps into this world, it can be a very exciting time for parents. However, a child remains inquisitive to explore the whole new surroundings. Often, young children love to climb over furniture and try to sneak through windows. Well, while performing this kind of act they might accidentally get hurt. Hence, the key to keep the kid or child safe is to go for childproofing the windows.

According to the experts and store owners of child-safety for windows Toronto, parents should be concerned about the safety of their little one. If they feel that they need to install child locks for the windows and doors, they should do that immediately. Adding a safety lock can provide some extra protection. After all, working parents are not able to provide constant attention to their little one. As they need to juggle between their jobs, cooking meals, and taking care of the house; while looking after their little one also.

Childproofing Windows

Parents can’t deny the fact that windows can be very dangerous for small children, especially if it’s left open. A child can try to get out through the windows or hanging windows can accidentally fall on their winds if a strong wind blows.

So if you have a small child in your home, you must get prepared to childproof the windows Toronto. Well with some extra effort on your end, you can easily keep your child safe. In case, you are looking out for ways to child-proof the windows, go through rest of the blog.

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Window Guards

One great way to childproof the windows is by installing window guards.  Doing so can prevent a kid from falling from the window. Window guards come with horizontal or vertical bars on them. Minimum space is left so that it can be used for escaping during emergencies.

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Window Stops

If you don’t like to install window guards, you can opt for window stops. It won’t allow the windows to be opened more than 4 inches.

Window Latches

Windows Toronto should come with window screens. It can prevent a child from falling through the windows. In case, windows can come with various latching options. One can go for versatile latches for the windows of a home.

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Bug Screens


Parents need to keep their child protected from insects also. For this reason, they can install bug screens on the windows.  The screens can keep the bugs out. However, the screens are not very strong to prevent a child from falling through the windows.

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Locking Windows

One of the best remedy to childproof windows Toronto is to keep the windows of the child’s room locked. Even if the windows don’t have any locks on them, installing a keyed sash locks can do. The lock should be installed above the reach of the child.

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Remove Window Blinds

In order to avoid strangulation, blind cords should be removed. Cordless shades can be easily installed.

Parents should be extremely cautious about their child’s safety. In order to childproof windows Toronto, proper steps should be taken by consulting a professional for this job.