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Electric vehicles in fleets: driving is believing

After only two months of working for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, I took a trip to Winnipeg for Canada’s first national EV conference. It was chock full of academics, entrepreneurs and dreamers. Five years later, I’ve just returned from Electric … Continue reading

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Getting to “yes” on energy efficiency retrofits – the TAF ESPA

TAF’s Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA) solves a lot of problems. This original financing product, developed by TAF over the past year, helps carve a pathway towards a $1 billion worth of profitable energy retrofit business in Toronto – so … Continue reading

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Meet the Impact Investors

TAF will be speaking at the upcoming Social Finance Forum. The session — Meet the impact investors: The development of private equity funds in Canada — will include several other investors, also presenting their financing approaches, successes and lessons learned, … Continue reading

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Good Planning Brings Great Results

It turns out our mothers were right and planning ahead really is important. That’s the finding of a recent report that shows well-designed urban form has a greater potential impact on reduced carbon emissions than either improved fuel efficiency standards … Continue reading

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Talking Out of School

Here’s a pop quiz: Do you know how many buses arrive daily on the York University Campus? Last week’s “Going to School” Transit Summit hosted by York University’s City Institute presented an interesting framing of the case for improved regional … Continue reading

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