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If you can’t show the savings from energy retrofits, did they happen?

The importance of monitoring and verification (aka M & V) has been highlighted in the recent City of Toronto Auditor General’s report looking at results of energy efficiency retrofits in 89 arenas completed in 2007 at the cost of $9.9M.  … Continue reading

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Municipal endorsement = points towards FIT approval

One of the recommendations to update the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program is for a point system to streamline review of applications. One source of “priority points” would be through municipal Council approval. Such endorsement could be project-specific, or a … Continue reading

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GeoCities: TAF supports two Ryerson projects

Geothermal or geo-exchange systems use heat pumps to transfer the low-grade heat/cool from the ground into heating/cooling for buildings.  Based on the carbon coefficient of Ontario’s grid and the efficiency of heat pumps, geo-exchange can reduce GHG emissions by reducing … Continue reading

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Greening the Residential Tenancies Act

There is enormous potential to improve the energy efficiency of Ontario’s rental housing stock – studies have shown economic potential to reduce energy consumption by 20-50% in typical apartment buildings. We’ve profiled a number of such projects through our TowerWise … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency on the airwaves

Profit Magazine is using on-line new-media and has teamed up with Bank of Montreal to produce a series called Business Coach Podcasts.  David Arkell of 360 Energy, a good friend of TAF, was featured on a podcast touting the benefits … Continue reading

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