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The Challenge is on

The ClimateSpark Social Venture Challenge that is.  We asked what we could do to reduce emissions while building new community enterprises.  So far, the answers have ranged from eco-laundromats to greener apartment balconies and we’re just getting started.  This is … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency financing – 3 great reports

A spate of fantastic reports about the ups & downs, ins & outs of financing energy efficiency have been coming out with convergent messages: energy efficiency is a big, profitable investment opportunity, and while there are still barriers, savvy and motivated … Continue reading

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How to Build a Green Condominium

The buildings we build today — and their carbon footprint — will be with us for the next 50+ years. Thats why its so essential that every new building be a green building. But up until recently, the consensus was … Continue reading

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Hamilton Pilot Project Illuminates Challenges & Opportunties with LED Street Lighting

As part of the LightSavers program, TAF and the City of Hamilton partnered to undertake a pilot test of LED street lights on a public street in downtown Hamilton. When the project was installed, in November 2009, there was widespread … Continue reading

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Working with Jack

David Soknacki, former TAF chair and City Councillor penned this recollection of working with Jack Layton for Inside Toronto: I began working with Jack Layton at Toronto Council under unusual circumstances. It was just after the 2000 municipal election and I, … Continue reading

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