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TAF Launches new Multi-unit Residential Energy Retrofit Financing Product

At this point, it has been conclusively demonstrated that there is enormous potential for improving the energy performance of Toronto’s Multi Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs). Case studies undertaken by TAFs TowerWise program have documented examples of buildings reducing energy use … Continue reading

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Facts and Figures About TAF

In the wake of the KPMG core services review, a lot of misinformation is circulating about TAF.  This post answers some common questions and provides facts & figures about TAF’s work.  Can’t TAF just be rolled into a city department? … Continue reading

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LED Street Lighting – From pilots to large scale deployments

Nearly everyone in the street lighting business agrees that LEDs will eventually be the technology of choice for lighting our streets. The benefits are clear – with over 3 million street lights installed in Canada, the potential for energy savings is enormous. … Continue reading

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Podesta to Ontario: Don’t lose it

John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and a senior advisor to President Barack Obama came to Toronto this week with a simple message for Ontario: “Don’t lose it.” Podesta was talking about the momentum the province … Continue reading

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Ontario Energy Board undermining energy conservation

Energy efficiency is being squashed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).  There is no subtler or more diplomatic way to say it.  Last month, the OEB froze the gas utilities’ investment in conservation for the next three years at the … Continue reading

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