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EVs + car sharing = sustainable transportation

There’s an incredible amount of buzz these days about electric vehicles – and rightly so – but, from a climate change and air quality standpoint, EVs are only one piece of the puzzle. If we’re to really have an impact … Continue reading

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LightSavers’ latest pilot site lights up Exhibition Place grounds

TAF’s LightSavers program is focused on accelerating deployment of highly efficient lighting technologies. Over the past four years we’ve coordinated a half-dozen pilot installations using advanced technologies such as LEDs and adaptive lighting controls. During this time the technologies have … Continue reading

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Exploring the case for (more) District Energy in Toronto

No conversation about urban energy efficiency is complete without mentioning district energy. Toronto has the EnWave district heating and cooling systems downtown servicing dozens of large buildings. Markham’s district heating system is widely profiled and expanding. European examples abound and … Continue reading

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Tough ECO report card on conservation

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller has another must-read fact-filled report about what is and isn’t working on the conservation front in Ontario.  Impossible to truly summarize but available at  The key areas he examines are: the need to clarify conservation … Continue reading

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Ban the bulb?

Lighting represents about 20% of Canada’s electricity consumption. Your typical household incandescent bulbs are still the largest and the most inefficient contributor. Despite over a decade of marketing and promotion to support Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and other efficient … Continue reading

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